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Anti limescale

Why install an anti limescale on your installations?

Limestone is one of the elements that make up the water supplied to your sanitary facilities. When the hardness of the water (TH) is high, the limestone damages the installations:

  • Scaling or even obstruction of water networks
  • Increase in energy consumption
  • Reduction of flow and heat exchange
  • Augmentation importante des coûts de maintenance et pannes multiples


Which facilities are affected?


In certain regions of France, the water is very often calcified. This is due to a higher lime content. In addition to the physical feeling, often unpleasant after the shower, the consequences related to limestone are multiple.
Current solutions modifying the characteristics of water are often costly in investment, maintenance costs and consumables. It is important to protect your installation effectively before irreversible damage occurs.




The contracts put in place with the maintainers at the national level often include the treatment of limestone. The work of operators is not made easier by traditional solutions which require precise maintenance, regular monitoring and are very cumbersome.
It is important to protect the installations, because when users have run out of hot water, it is often too late!

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In some industries, the quality of the water influences the quality of the process. The consequences of limescale can have direct repercussions on production and facilities suffer from premature wear.
Maintaining your facilities in the face of this scourge requires a lot of time and energy, not to mention the high maintenance costs.
So, avoid additional costs due to multiple maintenance or breakdowns and contact Drag’eau before your scaling clogs your water networks or reduces your heat exchange rates.



Choose Drag'eau!

With more than 20 years of know-how in the treatment of physical water, the company Drag’eau has designed and patented the innovative anti-lime solution Drag’eau without equivalence to date. Exceptional efficiency which gives you permanent protection against limescale, descaling, easier cleaning, anti-corrosion protection for your installations as well as a guarantee without maintenance or consumables.




Drag'e auanti-limescale, the stages of the anti-limescale

The limestone contained in the water is in an encrusting form called "Calcite". The flow of water passing through the Drag'eau anti-limescale device is subjected to a vortex effect which will propagate in the circuit, modifying the structure of the water by increasing its dissolution capacity.

When entering the Drag'eau anti-scale, the water molecules are accelerated (Venturi effect) and cause the vibration of the ceramics integrated in the heart of the device. This vibration generates waves of low frequency and high intensity. The effect of the waves makes it possible to modify the structure of the encrusting limestone, in the form of a very fine non encrusting powder.

Anti-limescale Drag'eau also offers a curative effect on new and existing installations. The new structure of the limestone abrades the layers already embedded in the networks. After descaling, a thin, even protective layer remains. The limestone is neutralized, the installations protected. Choose Drag'eau anti-limescale for treatment without chemicals, consumables or maintenance, representing permanent protection against limescale, easier maintenance and protection against corrosion on all of your installations.

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