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MR.Jean Drago:A course

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The atypical career of Mr. Jean Drago, makes him a very original character in this great world of industry and business. Indeed, he has not always been the entrepreneur that we know to date. Coming from a modest background, he worked like all the sons of the first waves of Italian immigrants, on construction sites before becoming a professional musician. It was behind a battery that Mr. Drago built his first career with several groups and albums to his credit. Then fate led him to change direction more than 25 years ago and he opened up to business with great success from his first professional experiences. Self-taught, he decides to create his first company. The treatment of water becomes obvious to him. Indeed, already at that time, issues related to the environment and the health of our children were one of his concerns. And it is only natural that, starting from a small structure where he launched himself on this market of ecological water treatment, (very little developed at that time) that he became manager of the Drag ‘group. water, with its own range of products distributed all over the world !!!

Our history

Since the creation of our company in 2011, we are the specialist in the treatment of physical and ecological water at the heart of two activities: the anti-limescale treatment of water pipes as well as the sludge removal of “closed” network systems (heating / air conditioner). Here are a few words of the events that marked our adventure



Creation of an independent distribution network around the anti-limestone range

Establishment of an internal logistics department and development of the Drag’eau range of sludge removers


Structuring of the sales and marketing unit

Internal opening of the capital to two new partners (Mr. Convertini export manager and Mr. Vesper commercial director France)


The Drag'eau company becomes a manufacturer, files its patent and launches the production of its new range of anti-limescale and physical sludge removal process entirely designed in 316L stainless steel to meet market standards

Construction of the new building in Ensisheim (68) to expand the logistics platform


Meet the team

Mr. Drago has surrounded himself with a team of collaborators to meet all the needs of the market.

Jean Drago

Director and in charge of the international development of the company.

Pamela Imbach-Drago

Director of operations

Hervé Kalinowski

Technical manager and Grand Est manager.

François Bonnet

Ile de France development manager.

Claude Bildstein

Eastern Sales Manager.

Mado Drago

Logistics assistant, order preparation and shipping.

Sophie Perrin

Sales Manager

Cédric Vesper

Sales Director France.

Nicola Convertini

Export sales director and product manager.

Santino Macagnino

Director Germany - Austria - Switzerland

Our strengths

Located in Alsace, at the heart of the 3 borders, we benefit from the ecological and technical influence of our German and Swiss neighbors.The main driver of our business is to reduce the ecological impact of water treatment.Indeed, “historical” technologies for the treatment of limestone and sludge are very polluting, they require a lot of additional chemicals and often very expensive consumables. The regulations provide no solution to the discharge of water treatment chemicals. To date, no subsidiary has been identified to recover the solvents which very often end up in the sewers. The so-called “physical” water treatment systems, of which Drag’eau is the market leader, provide THE alternative solution to get out of systems from another era.

Technical Service: its missions

  • Carrying out technical and economic studies for projects with on-site travel
  • Responses to calls for tenders
  • Implementation support
  • Follow-up of installations under protocol with guaranteed results
  • After sales service

Sales department

The Drag'eau sales team covers the entire national territory to respond to
your requests for training and information. Requests for prices
are taken into account as soon as possible.

Research and development

The Drag'eau company, through its experience in the field of water treatment, is continuously at the forefront in terms of research and development.

Indeed, the latest Drag'eau model, designed by the company's teams, has undergone major improvements compared to the old model and to all the existing products on the market, guaranteeing greater reliability and durability in time.

We are also working on new applications to continue to allow other professions to benefit from Drag'eau technology.



Ecology at the service of efficiency

Many users have already noticed the efficiency of our devices on their installations. Indeed, many individuals, social landlords, industrialists, to name but a few, have opted for a technology that is less costly to invest than traditional technologies (water softeners, manual treatments, etc.). Do not hesitate to come back to us for references. They also make it possible to maintain the networks for many years without any maintenance intervention, nor the addition of consumables. The results are immediate, visible and above all they are guaranteed by our conditions of sale! (see warranty / product conditions)



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